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10 Style Tips That Make You Look Like a True Professional

business-wear-for-men-11-580x519When guys start looking to refine their fashion sense and start dressing better, it’s easy to think that standing out means buying clothes that have wild patterns, bright colors, or expensive designer names on the labels. While you’ll certainly stand out if you dress like that, it won’t always be in a good way, and it might get you the wrong kind of attention.

If you want your style to stand out (in a good way), it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to dress like you’re fresh off the runway in Paris. The art of dressing well is all in the details: The more you pay attention to the small things, the better you’ll look. After all, it’s not about a specific shirt or a specific pair of pants — it’s how they make you look and feel that matters.

If you’re looking for a way to refine your wardrobe and really stand out, here are 10 classic style tips that will make you look great.

1. Commit to good hygiene and grooming

If you want to improve your style, it starts in the bathroom. The most basic of

6 Fashion Tips For Your First Day of Work

business_attire_for_femalesNo matter how many rounds of interviews you aced or the number of glowing recommendations your former co-workers and employers gave on your behalf, the first day at a new job is stressful. During the course of the day, you’ll probably forget all your co-workers’ names, ask for directions to the restroom (at least) five times, and face a few glitches with your computer at your new desk. But perhaps one of the most stressful, and least discussed, challenges is not looking like such a newbie. Let’s face it: nobody wants to look or come across as helpless in the office. Of course, fighting with your nearby printer and the back-to-back orientation sessions may be dead giveaways; however, the way you dress on your first day can read more stylish than S.OS. Dress too formal and you’re a total department rookie, but too casual will look unprofessional. Want to find the perfect balance? Read on for these six tips.

1. Do your research

Whether you’re changing career paths or switching companies, one thing’s for sure: each office has their own work culture

20 tips to dress appropriately for work

dress-for-successWhether you like it or not, the way you look plays a role in your success in the modern workplace.

“The problem with appearance is that it translates to performance,” says Nicole Williams, a career expert at LinkedIn. “Even if your boss doesn’t think that they’re thinking any less of you, they will subconsciously think it.

“When you don’t fit in, you’re not as accepted and welcomed.”

And at some point, this could hurt your chances of getting a promotion.

In today’s workplace, where casual wear is becoming increasingly popular, it can be tricky to understand the rules of appearance. We talked to career and etiquette experts to get a better idea.

Below are 20 rules every professional should follow:


1. Understand what’s appropriate in your industry

“Everyone draws their lines differently,” says etiquette coach Barbara Pachter. “For example, you may be able to wear shorts, but not cut-offs. If your company has a dress code, follow it.”

2. Make sure your clothes fit

It may sound obvious, but many get it wrong. “If your clothes are too big or too small, they are not going to look good. Ensuring a

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Top benefits to buy maternity clothes

There are a lot of advantages to buy maternity clothes in Vancouver. The major benefit is that well fitting clothing is going to make a woman feels and looks better than poor fitting non-maternity clothing. Maternity and style are two words you almost certainly don’t suppose to see together. Take into account that maternity clothes are designed to make you feel comfortable during your pregnancy period, on the other hand they can still be trendy. That’s why visiting maternity clothes store in Montreal you definitely will find lots of clothes to your taste.

So, here are several benefits of purchasing maternity clothes:

1. Style

Don’t forgo style during your pregnancy period. There are a lot of beautiful maternity clothes accessible that have modified the latest styles to work during your pregnancy. As a result, pregnancy can be a moving roller coaster. Body reflection is actually challenged during this period. All women know they should embrace their new body, though from time to time the certainty of doing this is a challenge. That’s why clothing you can find in Montreal maternity clothes store can assist with these image problems.

2. Comfort

As much as all pregnant women would all love to

What Is the Difference Between Quartz and Mechanical Watches?

A nice watch can make a great gift for any man, no matter if the occasion is his birthday or a gift for university graduation. It is something he can wear every day and, depending on the watch brand, it may appreciate in value. The way a watch is powered can tell you about its quality, and knowing what type of movement it uses can help you pick out a great timepiece.

Choosing a Movement

When you’re shopping for watches, you will come across two different types of movements: mechanical and quartz. A mechanical watch movement is used by most luxury watchmakers and they are valued for how well they are made. While some quartz watches are labelled on the face of the watch, you can also easily tell which movement a watch utilises by looking at the second hand.

The second hand, which is red on many watches, is the hand that counts off the seconds. If you look at the second hand on a mechanical watch, it has a sweeping motion and, on a quartz watch, it has a ticking motion. There are other important differences between quartz and mechanical watches as well.

How Is the Watch Powered?

A quartz watch will

Choosing the Right Casual Shirts for Men

The shirts are one of the best attires of men. With changing times a lot of various kinds of them have evolved. One can have ample options in formal shirts itself. Then imagine what kind of options may be available for the informal shirts. With the general mentality of people choosing t-shirts mostly for informal occasions, the choices of informal shirts are giving a new edge to the style statement of men. One can though with full confidence go with the styles of informal shirts that are provided by brands like Jack and Jones.

Choosing A Casual Shirt:

One may get scared at the idea altogether. It is because choosing an informal shirt is an easy job as they come in the same kind of pattern. Choosing the casual shirts becomes a bit difficult as they are generally not much in use. Well! Not to worry a bit. The following points will definitely help one in selecting the best kind of casual shirts for themselves. One must look for the Quality in the very first place. This is an option that doesn’t need a second thought. With the brands like Jack and Jones available one

4 Budget Friendly Ways to Dress for an Interview Without Looking Cheap

You already know what to wear to your next job interview: A suit. For years, men have been told that a nice, properly fitted suit is the best thing to wear if they’re looking to impress a future boss. But the truth is that getting dressed for an interview isn’t so simple.

For one, there’s the question of whether you should be wearing a suit at all. While in most fields the suit is still the most appropriate interview attire, in creative and tech industries, a more flexible dress code often applies. If you show up dressed to the nines you run the risk of looking out of touch.

“You need to know the norms for interview dress for your own field. And not just your field in general, but your field in your particular geographic area. The norms for banking jobs in California can be different from the norms for banking jobs in Chicago,” wrote HR expert Alison Green on the Ask a Manager blog. “When you are unsure and can’t seem to find out, wear a suit.”

Suit or no suit isn’t the only the only aspect of your interview wardrobe you need to worry about. Shoes, tie, your haircut,

6 Ways Your Clothes Can Help Your Career

It’s no secret that getting dressed for work can be a drag. “Why can’t I just wear my sweats to the office?” you begrudgingly ask yourself as you tighten your striped tie. As you very well know, there are so many rational reasons not to dress up for the office: You’re tired, it’s a bonafide scorcher outside, you only had three hours of sleep last night, or maybe your co-workers always sport ratty tees and distressed jeans. Even though donning your gym sneakers and running shorts seems like an easy alternative, the bottom line is that your office attire matters. Want proof? Read on for six ways clothes can impact your career.

1. Stand out amongst your co-workers

Regardless of which rung of the totem pole you’re on, every motivated employee wants to differentiate themselves from their cohorts. While standing out amongst the crowd should be done by exceeding your supervisor’s expectations and conquering each task at hand with a smile on your face, your clothes are also a not-so obvious factor. In addition to standing out to your direct employers, your company’s executives will also take notice. Case in point: The CEO of your company is looking to promote someone from

Mens Interview Fashion Tips

Men’s interview dressing has been fairly static over the years. In fact, it’s pretty much the same whether you’re applying for an entry-level position or for something higher up. The difference is that the entry-level guy isn’t expected to have as many — or as expensive — high-quality clothes. For a second or third interview, the new grad would wear different shirts and ties but might understandably trot out the same suit; someone applying for a managerial role or something more senior could not do the same.

So what are the overall dos and don’ts for men’s interview fashion? Check out this guide to colors, fabrics and presentation.

Suit Style

At a higher level, you need a minimum of two suits, starting with a solid navy and a solid dark gray. Unlike a swaggering pinstripe, a serious solid won’t turn anyone off. You don’t want to seem too showy, come on too strong or dress better than your interviewer. Your background, experience and personality should speak for you, not your clothes.

Avoid a double-breasted suit; a single-breasted one is not only more current but always safe. Either a two- or three-button cut is fine, although a two-button style is a shade more classic. Fabric

Cracking the Business Casual Dress Code

The American workplace is much different than it was 10  or so years ago: Everything from corporate structure and hiring practices to work schedules and compensation has been affected. But these important areas are not the only marked differences in today’s changing workplace.

The appearance of the American worker has changed as well. Not long ago, everyone from the most seasoned professionals to entry-level employees had a common understanding of appropriate business attire. Thanks to the creation of the “khaki culture” and increasing popularity of business casual dress, it’s no longer that simple.

So how do you dress down for work without looking like you’re headed to the beach? Here are a few easy rules to live — and dress — by:

Consider Your Work Environment

If you’re meeting with clients or having business lunches, err on the conservative side. It’s a sign of professional respect, and you can save the khakis for a time when you’ll be in the office all day.

Strive for Consistency

If you wear tailored and conservative outfits Monday through Thursday, Friday isn’t the day to show up like you just rolled out of bed. No matter what industry you’re in, consistency goes a long way in establishing trust and

Fast Fashion Wisdom

Need to spiff up your professional image? Check out these fashion tips from Mary Lou Andre, president and founding editor of Dressing Well On-Line, a Needham, Massachusetts-based wardrobe management and fashion-consulting firm.

  • Not ridiculously thin like Ally McBeal? Jackets camouflage a lot.
  • Your wallet a little thin? Buy one black pants suit and wear the pants three days a week. Pair them with less expensive tops from discount stores. Buy the matching skirt and dress when you have the money.
  • Following trends? Twin sets (shells with a matching cardigan) are hot for the winter.
  • Need to hide a potbelly? Wear tunic tops. (Hint: They have slits on the sides.)
  • Need to hide a beer belly? Cover it with a jacket or wear collared shirts to draw the eye up to your face.
  • Minimum number of shoes needed for work? Three for women: dress pumps, loafers and ankle boots. Two for men: dress shoes and loafers.
  • What’s the best coat length for women? Three-quarter, or knee-length, to go with pants or skirt.
  • What’s the best coat choice for everyone? A trench coat with zip-out lining or a wool coat if you’re in the Northeast.
  • How do you clean your closet? Get rid of the 80 percent of clothes that you

Office Fashion Tips for Back to Work Moms

Returning to the working world after being a stay-at-home mother (SAHM) presents women with a lot of challenges. In the swirl of making the arrangements to facilitate the transition, it may be hard to remember what to wear to an interview or for your first day back at the office. Here are some tips to help you get off on the right foot:

Learn the Dress Code

If you’re interviewing or starting a new job, start by checking out the scene. “Ask around, visit the office or ask the boss to see what the dress code is, if any,” says Jené Luciani, New York City-based style correspondent for the Today Show and author of The Bra Book. “It’s more important to look appropriate than it is to be trendy. Most offices are business casual, so unless they require a suit, women can get away with separates. It’s [generally] acceptable to go bare-legged; however, some larger companies still have rules, such as you must wear hose. Find out. It may seem trivial, but it’s important to ask.”

Do an Inventory

Before you hit the sales, inventory your current work clothes. Donate anything that’s worn out. “Clothing that is pilling or shows with a

How to Dress for an Interview on a Budget

Everyone knows you should look your best for an interview, but what if you can’t afford — or can’t fit into your old — fancy work clothes? Not to worry. We’ve got some cost-conscious tips for pulling together stylish interview outfits.

Access Accessories

The easiest way to look like an A-list candidate on a D-list budget is to accessorize wisely. The right accent piece shows you know how to dress for an interview, tastefully and inexpensively. Start by putting your best foot forward — literally — and invest in a really good pair of shoes.

“You don’t need to go crazy and spend $500 on the latest Manolos,” cautions professional stylist Ruth Levy, who co-owns The Fashion Code with her sister, Sara Levy. “Just get a good pair of leather shoes in a neutral tone which suits your outfit. Keep in mind too, even if you’re paying double what you normally would spend, good shoes should last twice as long as cheap ones, so it all works out in the end.”

Other important accessories for women include scarves, simple but elegant earrings and necklaces, and a good handbag or briefcase. For men, a good-quality tie and belt are musts, as well as a